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European Youth Association  has successfully implemented the project  "Access to information, public campaign against informality and corruption practices" . we achieve to complete all objectives mentioned in our project.

This project aims to test access to information that small business have and to train and follow up the young entrepreneurs. The actual economical environment is still informal and has a lack of information on law and procedures . Most of the actors of the entrepreneurship environment have a lack of knowledge and know-how on business administration and business vs institution relationships. 

To test the law on the right of information and give recommendations of amendment of the law. 

Also in our schedule will be to educate young entrepreneurs and the large public for legislation taxes in Albania and in the region of Tirana. The aim of this project is to educate entrepreneurs with knowledge on the subject of taxes by removing the corrupt schemes that are proposed as fast solutions but nothing pursuant to the law and the right.

The project also aims in testing the transparency and accountability of the public institutions towards the large public with a special focus on young entrepreneurs. 

Measurable indicators on access to information will be :

A. Quantitative ( No. of Requests per month)

Request for information will be over 20 requests per month from:

1. Organizations

2. Ltd

3. Individuals ( Registered in NBC ) 

B. Qualitative ( Analysis of the requests on indicators )

1. Analyse of the request to the Tax Office and Municipality.

2. Analyse the answers and the timeframe  used from the institution to give the correct answer to the requests.

The request from the above mentioned juridical person will be tracked by our organisation and followed up to the final response of the institution.

Main activities

1.Exercise and testing the right to information in the Tax and Custom administration office of Tirana

2. Informing posters and people in Tirana DRT sector adding service to taxpayer’s service facilities.

3.Compiling a report on the findings of the test

4. Round Tables with young entrepreneurs.

5.Campaing in social Networks

6. Informing posters and people in Tirana DPTTV adding service facilities.

7. Closing meetings with the participants of the action and interest groups.

Link: Data Analysis Report

  • Leviz Albania
  • University of Tirana
  • EDS Foundation
  • ESN
  • FES
  • Pilot-AL
  • Startup Weekend
  • Unique Junior Enterprise
  • Dajti-n-Fest

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